Minimise the danger

Farming is a dangerous occupation with heavy machinery and at times there are limitations which can prompt farmers to take short cuts.

Those short cuts may save time but can be dangerous. This is how many farm accidents happen due to rushing to save a few seconds.




Deaths due to tractors and farm vehicles 2007 ~ 2016

(56% of farm accidents are from being crushed or trapped)
(Statistics from Glanbia Connect)

How it works

Hydraulic Ram Replaces Stabilizer Arm

A hydraulic ram will replace the adjustable stabilizer arm. The ram will then push the lift arm in and out to the desired width.

Spool Valve

The ram will be run off the spool valve on the back of the tractor.

Operated from Tractor Cab

Since the rams are attached to the spool valve on the tractor, you will be able to operate the rams from the cab of the tractor.

The Aim of Our Product

Hydraulic Controller


The rams are controlled by an hydraulic pressure regulator. This regulator is adjustable to suit the hydraulic flow of the tractor. The regulator can be electric or manual. Each type works well but the electric regulator is more precise but also more expensive .